Face Yoga: Five Moves to Look Younger

face yoga

When it comes to exercise, your face might be the last area to come to mind that needs work. But if you are a beauty lover, you may know the benefits of face yoga if you want a slim face that also does not make you look twice your age. Always bear in mind the importance of facial exercise.

Face yoga is perhaps one of the simplest kinds of exercise that takes no time and can be done absolutely anywhere, be it your home, workplace, or even while you are traveling. A facial exercise routine only demands five minutes of your busy schedule!

Below are some amazing face yoga moves that will make chasing the fountain of youth easier for you!

1. Sagging upper eye lids exercise

Drooping eyelids can make you look older than you actually are. This sagging eyelid exercise will make your eyelids firm and tight, making them look refreshed, and reduce the puffiness around the lower eyelids.

Follow the steps below:

  • Look in front of you while sitting or standing in a comfortable position.
  • Make a slight curve with your index finger and place it under each of your eyebrows.
  • Slightly lift the eyebrow upward and against the bones of the upper eye socket.
  • Then, slowly bring your upper eyelid down for a count of four or five until your eye is closed.
  • Open your eye slowly after counting to six.
  • Repeat this move three or four times.

2. Eye firming, cheek plumping exercise

To get firmer eyes and plumper cheeks, follow the steps below:

  • Place your hands horizontally just under your lower lash line and on top of your cheekbones, such that your index fingers are under your lashes and little fingers are just below your cheekbones.
  • Press your hands on the skin surface and hold the muscles in place.
  • Squeeze your cheeks up towards the eyes while squinting your eyes.
  • Hold until you count to five and then repeat three to five times.

3. The V

This move works great against drooping eyelids, eye bags, puffiness, and crow’s feet. The steps are as follows:

  • Place your middle fingers at the inner corner of the eyebrows and press them together. Similarly, your index fingers should be applying pressure at the outer corners of the eyebrows.
  • Look up to the ceiling and raise the lower eyelids upwards, making a strong squint. Then, relax.
  • Repeat for six more times before squeezing your eyes shut tightly for 10 seconds.

4. Brow smoothing exercise

This move is good for tightening the forehead skin to get rid of forehead lines. The steps include:

  • Place your hands on the forehead facing inwards and spread your fingers between the eyebrows and hairline.
  • Sweep the fingers outwards while applying gentle pressure across the forehead.
  • Relax and then repeat 10 times.

5. The smile smoother

To treat saggy cheeks and mouth lines, follow these steps:

  • Make an ‘O’ shape with your mouth in a way so that your teeth are covered with your lips.
  • Smile widely while making sure the teeth are hidden. Repeat six times.
  • Then, place your index finger on the chin while holding the smile. Try to move the jaw up and down for while tilting your head back gently.
  • Relax and then repeat two times.

Despite being simple, face yoga is super beneficial – it can make your face look young, fresh, healthy, and glowing! It’s also a great way to perk yourself up while on the job. So, the next time you take a break from work, consider trying these facial moves to reap their many benefits.

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