Unconventional Food for the Brave

Unconventional Food for the Brave

Are you up for trying some new delicious food?

Do wacky recipes and ingredients excite you?

Great! Here’s how the brave vegans bring excitement to their food!

Banana Wraps

If you’re all about plant power, you’ll love this. All you need is a banana and chard leaves of your choice (think lettuce collard greens). You can jazz it up with a couple of spoons of your favorite nut butter, and sweeten it with organic honey or maple syrup!

And you can add some dried almonds, peanuts or even dried berries to make it a treat!

Breakfast Salad

For the mean green machine, you can assemble romaine lettuce, spinach, currants and sweet potato in as cute bowl. Top it with almond butter and some liquid sweetener, or make a creamy dressing with some nut milk!

Or you can go the savory route and replace currants with some crushed veggie chips, and top it off with some herby yogurt!

Aloe Vera Smoothie

Scoop some pulp out of an aloe vera leaf and toss into the blender. You can add any produce of your choice; spinach, cucumbers, apples, pineapples, even super sweet ones like mangoes or watermelon!

Or, you could blend some Oreos with almond milk with the pulp. Don’t forget to toss in some ice! Or better yet, freeze the aloe pulp over night!

Banana Soft Serve

Toss some frozen banana in a food processor. Now, take your pick.  Sweeten with some maple syrup, honey or liquid sweetener. Add berries and fruit to make it nice and tangy, or some nut bitters to make it creamy and smooth.

You scoop some in a bowl and simply add candied nuts on top too!

I don’t know about you, but I’m signing off to go make me an Aloe smoothie and banana ice cream!

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