The Different Types of Facial Jade Rollers

facial jade rollers

Beauty enthusiasts have been really excited for the past couple of years because of the innovations and tech advanced beauty appliances recently introduced.

With the surge in these skin-care trends, some of the traditional practices and ancient facial tools are still used in the name of time-honored traditions. One of these tools that are still used, and has seen recent popularity among millennials, is the jade roller.

Facial jade rollers are traditional Chinese derma rollers that are made of a stone called jade which is mostly green in color, or by using other gemstones like rose quartz. These rollers, that are simple to its core and use, are believed to have healing and protective properties. They have a simple design with a sleek handle and two rollers at each end, all made of jade stone, and attached together with the help of a metallic rod. The bigger roller at one end is usually used on the entire face and neck area whereas the smaller roller is used near the eye area.

Types of Facial Jade Rollers

Because of the new-found popularity, many types of jade rollers have been introduced in the markets that are mentioned below.

Shiffa Jade Roller

This jade roller is designed to serve as a healing stone. It is one of the best rollers to soothe puffy eyes and helps tone facial muscles thus calming down the entire nervous system. This roller is also believed to absorb negative energy and leave you rejuvenated after its use.

Yu Ling Small Facial Jade Roller

For those who use eye bags, it is time to switch to these small facial jade rollers that are easy to carry anywhere you go. These are perfect to energize the facial skin and muscles that in turn boost the blood circulation. Best for people who have a hard day at work, this roller will help reduce stress.

Massage and Acupressure Face Roller

Embossed Facial Jade Roller By Element Beauty Products 

facial jade rollers

This is a roller that is different from the standard ones. One of its rolling stones is similar to the ones found on traditional rollers but the other one is specially designed with little lumps all over it. This makes it an effective tool, and a priority for most people when it comes to relieving oneself from day to day stress. Additionally, it boosts blood circulation and provides ten times better results for smooth supple skin.

Benefits of Jade Rollers

The benefits of facial jade rollers are visible after consistent use. They basically work like anti-aging tools and help improve the elasticity of the face. It helps to relax your face against stress, tones the facial muscles and prevents the sagging of skin. Furthermore, it allows free flow of facial fluid and improves blood circulation.

Give these facial jade rollers a try by adding them to your skincare routine.

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