Weight Loss Tips from Famous Health ExpertsPeople try to lose weight for different reasons. While some simply can’t stand the unsightly flab on their bodies, others are caught up in a temporary motivation to get a few pounds off until the next wedding season.

Then there are those health-freaks who may look perfectly fine but still want to cut down some pounds to gain toned muscles. Your motivation to lose weight will determine the quality and results of the weight-loss program you follow.

According to several health experts, the best weight loss diet is continued even after you’ve attained your dream weight. The only healthy way to lose weight is to make permanent lifestyle habits and small diet changes that make a big difference. Let’s have a look at some weight loss tips recommended by health experts.

1. Don’t Starve Yourself

Angela Liddon, an award-winning health blogger, discussed her battle with an eating disorder. Her most important tip is to never starve yourself. The most effective way to lose weight is eating nutritious foods that you love.

It could be kale chips, a chunky oatmeal porridge, dark chocolate granola bars, or anything that you genuinely like snacking on. Starvation will slow down the weight loss and should be managed by healthy snacking.

2. Never Skip Protein and Vegetables

Another important tip is to never skip protein and veggies. Portion out your carbs, veggies, and proteins for each meal and make sure to have a well-balanced diet. In fact, having a protein diet for weight loss helps in faster weight loss.

3. Try to Wrap Up Dinner by 7 pm

And lastly, try to finish dinner by 6 or maximum 7 pm to allow your body to digest all the food before you go to bed. Late night snacking can mess up your digestion, increase cholesterol, and stress your body out. Hence, always finish dinner early.

With these simple lifestyle changes, health experts guarantee that you will become a healthier and leaner person day by day.



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