It can easily be said that staying healthy is the real beauty. Why we say that is because beauty and health are interrelated, intertwined. Health is the inner term whereas beauty is the external term. If you are healthy internally, your hair and skin will also look and feel beautiful. You can use the most expensive skin care product, but if you’re stressed, not taking care of your diet and not staying hydrated, there is no way those products will help.

Now that we’ve made this claim of beauty and health being so intertwined, we must also prove it so here goes!

1. The Food we Eat

Something that effects our skin the most is our DIET. The kind of food we eat has all kinds of positive and negative reactions on our skin. Fatty foods aren’t just bad for our heart and cholesterol levels, they are also extremely dangerous for our skin and pores.  They lead to excessive oiliness which clogs the pores causing breakouts and acne. Having too much sugar can also lead to inflammation, redness, acne and of course a lot of other internal damages to your organs. For your skin however you must remember that it needs the best nutrients specially those filled with anti-oxidants. The best way to achieve flawless skin is to eat healthy and to take care of your portions. Meals full of leafy green vegetables, chicken, nuts, fruits and whole grains, taken in a healthy quantity will prove to be very beneficial for your health and your beauty. If you lack certain vitamins and minerals, be sure to take foods rich in them and if that seems impossible for any particular reason, take supplements instead. However, your first option should be to fight the deficiencies through the right food.

2. The Superfoods

How do you think so many food items have earned the ‘superfoods’ title? Because of their numerous benefits to the body and skin. You have to master the art of listening to your body’s needs, and give it plenty of superfoods such as eggs, all types of berries and salmon, accordingly.  You must also have multiple other great food items which have a high concentration of antioxidants and fibres because a healthy gut means a healthy mind, and a healthy mind sure means glowing skin. Omega-3 fatty acids also do wonders for the gut, and for the skin as well inherently.

The Relationship Between Beauty and Health3. Juicing

Oh and lets not forget the juicing trend which found its way through 2019. January was all about Kale and now we’ve moved on to celery for sure. Numerous people have turned to such trends, such as juicing and juice fasts etc, because of their numerous benefits for the body and skin

4. Exercise

Exercise is another essential for your health and beauty. Again very intertwined. You have to get the endorphins, serotonin and dopamine rushing through your body. Working out and exercise provides your skin with a regular natural cleanse by making it sweat which reduces the effects of everyday stress with the help of those happy hormones releasing.

So now you know that beauty and health for sure go hand in hand.

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