The saying ‘Health is Wealth’ is applicable to today’s generation more than ever. It is an uncontested fact that if one is healthy, nothing is impossible. Even though this generation is that of unlimited prospects at the click of a button, that is exactly what puts it at risk. Most work is done inside offices, in front of computers and machines. There is no concept of time as borders are merged and the world turns into one big global village. In this situation, finding work life balance is becoming increasingly difficult. This is taking a toll on people’s health and lives.

A conscious effort needs to be made in order to make healthy changes in one’s lifestyle. This does not happen overnight. The following simple steps can be followed to obtain a healthy lifestyle:

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

The very first step is to learn to turn that cell phone, tablet, and laptop off and have a good night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation is fast becoming the leading cause of heart attacks under the age of 40. Lack of sleep leads to a plethora of health problems including adversely affecting the heart. An adult needs at least 7 to 8 hours of proper sleep in order to function effectively.

Jump Start Your Metabolism

Metabolism is how fast your body burns fats or calories in order to maintain life. The faster your metabolism is, the smoother your body functions. It is also very useful in keeping your weight in check.

Daily Dose of Exercise

Incorporate some physical activity into your life. It is very important to keep your muscles well oiled, especially after sitting behind a computer screen all day. Walking or jogging are some fun exercises you can do without having a gym membership. If you have more time, you can start swimming or playing tennis to get a dose of those happy hormones.

 A Splash of Greens

Green vegetables or any vegetables for that matter are extremely important for a well-balanced meal. Unfortunately, they are not preferred by today’s fast food eating generation. Vegetables need to be incorporated into the meals of the entire family. It’s better to train your children to eat vegetables as early as possible so that it stays a part of their lifestyle.


We are 70% water. Everyone knows this fact and yet we don’t have nearly enough to drink. 8 to 12 glasses of water are necessary for a healthy body to function properly. Make a habit of starting your day with 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach and take it from there.

Take a Break

A healthy lifestyle does not only entail physical health of a person, but also the mental health. Younger and younger people are facing the ‘burn out’ nowadays. This means that they are drained out really fast. Taking some time out and replenishing your emotional needs is absolutely necessary.

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